12 Ultra-Actionable Ways You Can Use To Improve Twitter Engagement in 2016

11 Ways To Boost Twitter Engagement Click To Tweet

Twitter can be a very effective tool when it comes to establishing online presence, however, improving twitter engagement is a different matter entirely. To improve twitter engagement, you need to implement solid strategies that will make your tweets so irresistible that your audience can’t help but stop scrolling to take a look. Improving twitter engagement takes
solid strategies that will make your tweets so irresisible that your audience can’t help

With all the advice and best practises spouted by social media marketing companies, we get bombarded with “This is how you have to write a tweet” posts.  Some of which contain very valuable advice, but many are so general and outdated that you actually wish you hadn’t wasted the past 17 seconds scanning the page.

So how DO you increase Twitter clicks?

Below are 11 totally actionable ways you can put rocket boosters on your tweets and get loads more traffic through Twitter.

Let’s get started!

Track Clicks And ConversionsClick To Tweet

Before you do anything else, make sure you’ve got tracking set up correctly!

You need to see not just what content people are clicking on to get to your site, but also what they do once they’re there. You might find that a really popular post is bringing people to your  site, but the drop off rate is really high, whereas a less popular post might be driving loads of email list signups.

By following the path of Twitter users to conversions, you can calculate the $ value of every Tweet you make, then adjust your future posts and Tweets accordingly.

The easiest way to set this up is to create goals in Google Analytics – These are often in the form of unique thank you pages that users only get to once they sign up or make a purchase. Once you’ve got your goals in place you can check the source of the traffic and check the referral path for Twitter traffic to see which posts are driving the most conversions

Create Appropriate Content Your Audience Cares AboutClick To Tweet

This first one sounds obvious, but it’s incredibly important.  All too often I hear people talking about their content strategy in terms of what they would like to see, totally ignoring the fact that their audience might just not be interested.

So how can we find out what our audience wants to see?

First, head over to Buzzsumo and put in the keywords you want to target, and make a not of the most shared pieces of content for that keyword.  It could be that your audience loves “How to” guides, or infographics.

Engage Influencers Click To Tweet

Another obvious, yet often neglected one is engaging with influencers. These people can be your number one source of free advertising, simply because they have the power to get your content in front of thousands of eyes.

You don’t want to overdo this and scare them away, so take a couple of weeks to warm them up.

Start by following them on Twitter, and retweet a couple of their posts. If they have a blog, this is a perfect place to engage them, who doesn’t like people posting intelligent, relevant comments on their blog?

Once you’ve got them warmed up, reach out to them with posts they will be interested in (Not just whatever you’re promoting at the time, make sure it’s something they’ve proven themselves to be interested in)

Build A Relevant Audience, Encourage DiscussionClick To Tweet

Whilst we’re all in awe at companies and personalities that have hundreds of thousands, if not, millions of followers, it’s worth remembering that not all followers are created equal. If you’re looking to drive leads to your business, you want as high a ratio of potential customers as possible, not just people with auto-follow.

Adding “Click to Follow” buttons to your blog posts is a great way of getting super qualified followers.

But what if you don’t have enough blog traffic?

Then you need to harness the power of your Twitter following. An awesome way to get engage with your audience is by hosting Twitter chats.

Find out what questions your audience is asking and base a chat around them. If there have been developments in your industry then you’ll find loads of people wanting to discuss the details, ask questions etc.

Be sure to invite key influencers to take part in your chat and plan your areas of discussion before starting the chat.

Take Part in Trending TopicsClick To Tweet

Make sure you’re following the major players in your industry, and keep an eye on which hashtags they use.

Follow these hashtags to keep up to date with what people are discussing, and when something pops up in your area of expertise, get involved. This can have the effect of getting your profile out in front of your audience, whilst building your authority at the same time!

Use hashtags, but sparingly Click To Tweet

Hashtags remain one of the great misunderstood concepts in Twitter. Hashtags are primarily used for categorization of content. Use one or two per Tweet to get your content in front of people following that topic.

Choosing the best ones can be tricky, but there are some great tools to help you find which to use.

http://www.twitonomy.com/ is a Twitter analytics platform that shows you data on other people’s tweets in your industry.

Define your angle. Click To Tweet

Choose how you want your readers to view you. By providing a different angle to what your readers are used to, you can really stand out from the sea of tweets and make your brand more memorable.

Find a topic that your influencers care about and offer them something they can show their friends and say “See, I told you”. You may choose to be controversial, but remember not to alienate your audience.

There are so many problems that people face every day – stress, financial worry, environmental impact, etc. If you can relate the benefits of clicking on your link to these problems, you can tap into the need for solutions in people’s everyday lives.

Use Native VideoClick To Tweet

The shareability along with the potential impact of native video are the driving factors behind marketers worldwide choosing to place more resources into creating videos for social media.

Create short, attention grabbing videos that autoplay in users’ feeds to tease viewers into wanting to find out more. Use annotations to immediately hook your audience, you only have a second or so to stop someone scrolling right past your video, so make sure it stands out!

All kinds of videos can work on social media, whether it’s a high impact story, a screengrab of you showing the steps in your latest how to guide, or a video review of a product for an affiliate site.

Craft compelling tweets.Click To Tweet

Without writing great tweets, all of this hard work is for nothing. Your tweet is what has to grab your audience’s attention

Keep your tweets short and to the point. 140 characters sometimes doesn’t seem like enough to really convey your message, but studies have shown that shorter tweets actually get more engagement, with 100 characters receiving the highest clickthrough.

Put your most important words right at the beginning of the tweet, then the link, then a clear call to action such “Read more”, “Free trial”, or “Retweet this”.

Repost evergreen content.Click To Tweet

That’s right, evergreen content. This is your old content that’s still just as relevant today as it was when you wrote it. Imo, unless you’re a news site, evergreen content should make up the bulk of what you post anyway, as it doesn’t have a shelf life, and therefore will amass loads of shares, backlinks, and comments over time.

So if you’ve got loads of old blog posts, have a look through them and see which ones were popular when you first published them, see if they’re still relevant, and repost them to Twitter.

Repurpose your best content. Click To Tweet

Over time, blogs accumulate a wealth of great information that, sadly, often ends up gathering dust in the depths of archive pages.

Repurposing content can breath new life into your old blog posts, and can even become a major part of your content marketing strategy.

Because you’ve already done the research, repurposing doesn’t take as long as writing a new post altogether, although you may need to learn how to use some graphic design or video editing software.

Here are some ideas:

Turn a how to guide into a video where you perform each step live for your audience to follow along.

If you’ve held webinars, take out the fluff and produce some bitesized video guides.

Transform your long articles into ebooks and use them as lead magnets.

If you’ve had some positive feedback to your guides, reach out to people and ask them to share their story so you can make a case study

A great idea from Ian Cleary of RazorSocial is to make a “best of” tips post, with your best pieces of advice from a number of posts.

Use Certain Keywords And Phrases Click To Tweet

Dan Zarella, a notable social media expert, found out that the content of the tweets is more important than the person posting it. Also, his research indicated that if you include certain keywords in your tweet then it will have a better chances of receiving higher engagement. He found that out by studying a list of top 10000 tweets and analyzing what they included. Here are some of his highlights.

The word you turned out to occur often in retweets, indicating that if the reader is looking at the tweet and is perceiving themselves as a recipient as opposed to being just an individual from a large crowd they would be more likely to take action.

The word twitter is also occurring pretty often, which is not surprising.

Free is often occurring keyword as well, which indicates that readers love getting extra value in various forms at no extra cost at all.

Another important keyword(or a key number in this case) is 10 as in top 10 of whatever. These lists have always been popular and will likely remain popular. Also, it is important to note that 10 very often goes together with the word top.

Another important keyword especially for bloggers is new blog post. This is a common keyword which appears in tweets about new blog posts.

So there you have it, by following these 12 ways to increase your Twitter clicks, you really can drive way more traffic to your website than you think.

Spend a bit of time each day utilizing these tips and you will start seeing great results very quickly (assuming you followed the first step).


What’s your experience using these methods to get more clicks from Twitter? Do you have any more you’d like to add to this list? Drop a comment below!

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